Saturday, July 5, 2014

a new lens on life

Oh, I am so conflicted about the zoo. I love the stance they have on conservation and the strong stand they are taking with their Palm Oil campaign. I love seeing the animals. We got to meet Burma the elephant up close and talk to her head keeper for ages the other day. The zoo staff are all so committed and lovely. They do their very best with behaviour enrichment and making sure animals like Burma and the cheetah boys get out for long walks out of the public eye. The zoo is a lovely place to spend the day. But I feel for the animals. I can't help it. I think about the space they would roam in the wild and I get sad. We had a big talk about this, instigated by the small one. The gist of his thoughts being that he was sad for them but the animals wild habitats were being compromised by humans and how important it was for animals to be a kind of mascot for their kind...being visible and keeping awareness of them keen in people's minds so they will make choices that will be good for the animals. Yup, I can see that.
And, sheesh, it is a thrill to be snuffled by Burma's trunk. It's a paradox is what it is.

What brought the zoo even more to life for us, was my new camera lens. My birthday present. A ZOOM! This was it's first real outing. I had to share, so we had turns. It was like looking through binoculars. Which, now that I think of it, would be an awesome thing to take. I lost track of which photo was taken by who. 


  1. I can absolutely understand how you both feel about this paradox.
    What really helped me, was understanding how committed those lovely zoo people are to conservation.

    The serval photo is beautiful! I particularly loved that part of the Zoo. In fact the garden in front of their enclosure is my absolute favourite in the Zoo.

    We are probably heading for a visit on Tuesday or Wednesday this week with Connor and my Mum.

    1. They so lovely and committed all those wonderful zoo is my paradox for sure. Sometimes the paradox just remains I guess. Makes for interesting conversation instigated by J though! Serval is my favourite image too. Would love to meet you at the zoo one day! x