Sunday, July 20, 2014

a study in signs

I had all sorts of plans for the end of last week but we got to Wednesday and Jed voted for the rest of the week to be quiet. Not driving anywhere major. It was so nice to let go of that internal expectation I had of needing to do a bunch of stuff in town. It's been perfect. Lots of reading and playing games by the fire. Making good food and art. 

We did fit in a few local adventures to our favourite spots. Me all rugged up against the chilly winter wind, Jed begrudgingly wearing a hoodie over his T shirt, mostly to humour me. I came home with a memory card full of signs from one afternoon. It amuses me how my photography will run along a theme, sometimes I don't realise until I download them later.

It's been so nice to have a change from our usual homeschooling rhythms. We'll ease back into sessions this week. I have a few surprises in store. So fun to plan!

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