Tuesday, July 8, 2014

got my workboots on

Sheesh. What a night. Not much in the way of sleep around here. Gale force winds starting from yesterday, peaking last night but meant to be wicked all today too. I am looking out my window at some poor birds latched onto a branch, hanging on for dear life. 

We've had trees down. Most notable was next door's tree that blocked the road and fell via the power lines. Jed was about to get in the bath when we heard it and saw electricity arcing like fireworks just out the bathroom window. Scary. 

The power is still on. So far, which is amazing. We are used to power cuts out here. But I am glad it is on. I have a bunch of work to do. 

Jed's buddy is with us today. We suited up and went around the property assessing the damage, wooden swords in hand. One of our trees fell over our other neighbours driveways and while he and I were chatting, the kids disappeared and returned with saws and had a grand time cutting it to bits and hauling it off to the side of the road. I like their iniative!

So, it's a crazy day here. Work boots are alternating with hot water bottles. Perilous outside but cosy in our little house, if a bit noisy and strewn with dress ups, wooden swords and various projects. Life is good. Hope you are warm and safe those of you caught up in this weather system!

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