Sunday, July 13, 2014

Most Treasured Possession - Yours truly!

A little something to liven up our Mondays...
I have asked some lovely bloggers to share their most treasured possession with us and let us know why it is so treasured. 
Unfashionable in this age of decluttering, simplifying and tiny houses I know…but we all have our treasures.

This week with her Most Treasured Possession is yours truly!

Me, Anissa Ljanta of

My most treasured possession is a hand worked beaded leather belt made by my friend’s daughter when she was about 12 or so. I lived in France at the time and was so honoured she would give me such a beautiful piece of art. I still wear it all the time. It's incredible. SO much work has gone into it. I am sure my French language skills were not up to the task of thanking her sufficiently, one day I would like to do that properly. 

It would have been a toss up between this beautiful belt and a herbal medicine carry case I bought at a Neals Yard Sale in London and carried around in my back pack around the world for 16 years and then used whenever I taught Plant Medicine workshops... but it’s disappeared. Usually when things disappear my partner has thrown it away. He always says he doesn’t remember so there is no recourse. Handy that. I harbour fantasies of throwing stuff of his away in retaliation, but never do. So far. I am just too nice sometimes. But they are awesome fantasies let me tell you!

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