Tuesday, July 22, 2014

sneaking slices of sunshine

 We are in the depths of winter here. While the temperatures aren't anything near as cold as when I lived in Eastern Europe or even in the Pyrenees, it's pretty darn cold for around these parts. The fire is doing double-time, the garden is very very full of water and we have had some truly massive storms. The hot water bottles are getting a good outing most nights. 
In between the rain and wind the sun just feels so good. We've been curled up reading in puddles of it on my bedroom floor. In between the bouts of rain we try and make the most of the sun on mini-adventures. If it looks good, we'll drop everything, grab the scooter and turn my phone off, and head out.

Yesterday, we got chased off a new town beach we were exploring and raced laughing back to the car. We sat in the rain and ate morning tea, telling stories and looking out at the ships passing. It was a moment. I had to get over myself a bit before I could get there. I was looking forward to walking along this beach and was a bit miffed at the rain. But being miffed at rain never got anyone anywhere, especially not to the present moment. And when I got there, to the moment, to what was happening, it was good. Really good. 

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