Saturday, August 2, 2014

Birthday week...the pinata

 Phew! We are on the other side of the birthday week. It was a big one. Of course. I am super glad I took the week off work. It was great to just have all that time with Jed. I am very proud of this guy. He worked very hard to make his Knights and Castles birthday party be super fun for him and his friends. He planned it months and months in advance and we did a bunch of crafting and making in the run up. 

There are traditions like the making of the pinata and certain foods we only make once a year at birthday time. Like maple honey coated popcorn. Way too delicious to have in the house more than once a year!

In years past we had done such a good job on the pinata paper mache making that each kid got loads of hits trying to open the things. It almost got boring it took so long. That might be to do with my love of duct tape in the basic construction of it, ahem. This year, we tried to make it easier to open but did a little too well. We are hoping next year we will strike a balance. Pinata making as art form! I took a short cut too...we stuffed it full of balloons and natural confectionary sweets before we even paper mache'd over the cardboard frame. It worked well. 

We both had alot of fun making this pinata sword. Jed was a bit sad to bash it. We decided we might need to make a model sword to hang on his wall. Notice Jed's final touches of blood...shudder!

And the emerald jewel in the hilt.

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And wait til you see this years birthday cake! We decorated it together this year. xxx


  1. wonderful - so creative - love the details xxx Happy Birthday to Jed from us xxxx

    1. It was a lot of fun. Now, if I could just the pictures of the banners and pennants we painted with the crest he designed...x