Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cicada boy/s

 A friend had a Bugs and Blooms themed Spring party in the weekend. Jed and I had fun coming up with some costume ideas. Jed decided to go as a cicada. It's definitely not cicada season here yet so we researched what their wings looked like to remind ourselves. Jed had some dried wings in his nature collection that were cool to look at. 

It's been a long time since I did any loose fast painterly kinda painting, so I was pretty happy. I used a pair of dress up wings that a dear friend had given Jed (that'll be you dear Emma!) for his 2nd birthday as the model. We cut around them to get the shape. Painted freehand with fabric paint in green, black and gold. Then sewed on the elastic . Easy!

Jed was most proud of his mask. I made two bug 'hats' one night while he was sleeping but they weren't what he had in mind. We started again and he was super happy with how his full mask design turned out. I used a stretchy green fleece leftover from another project. The eyes are cut from felt then sewn and/or glued on. We put craft wire in the antennae so they can be twisted into shape.

We wore all green with our wings and bug gear. There were some pretty awesome outfits! Jed had a great time at the party and the outfits have had a few outings since. Who said it was too early for cicadas!?! Seems most fitting for Spring. x

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