Tuesday, September 9, 2014

first decent doughnut

We spent much of last week in various appointments, so come Friday I thought the little guy needed a treat. Now, this is the guy who begs me to bring home a treat when I go into meetings at work. Either biodynamic gouda cheese or his favourite spinach and mushroom pie. Hard to say no to those 'treats'! 

He'd never had a decent doughnut though. I thought it was time we remedied that.
We hit Foxtrot Parlour, one of my favourite Auckland cafe's, in Ponsonby Central Market. We don't do the cafe thing much. It's pricey,I get too twitchy and with a kid, well, it's never going to be leisurely. We're usually more the lunchbox carrying, picnicking kind. Every once and a while though, it's nice. And THIS was one awesome doughnut. You get a choice of three fillings and get to inject it in yourself. Doesn't come better than that!


  1. Mmm ... doughnuts. That's really neat that you get to choose and inject your own doughnuts. Is it three fillings for one or one filling per doughnut? Someone needs get there booties on that here in the states, or at least within driving distance from my house!

    1. Isn't it cool? I think the hardware was half the fun. Ooo, wow, the three fillings in one doughnut would be taking it to a whole other level! Now, there's an idea!