Tuesday, September 30, 2014

kite day

It's a tired time around here. Time to keep it simple, lay low, play games, bake, tend gardens, hang out with friends and find (rare) patches of sun to bask in. Last Saturday we had a few different offers of events in town but we stayed local and I am so glad we did. Some wonderful lady (thank you Rebecca!) conjured up a Kite Day down at the beach and it was the simplest, most fun thing. We saw a bunch of old friends and met some new and Jed and his buddies flew those kites for hours. I mean HOURS! 

These pictures might have you saying...ooo the weather didn't look so good. But, really, the point was that it wasn't raining. Any day that it doesn't rain or have strong winds, is a good day. It's been pretty soggy around here for the last few months. Also, it may look like crap weather because I snapped these images on my phone camera, I left my 'proper' one at home. Doh! Plus it is being cantankerous, I can't access any recent images to download. Now, on investigation, this may be due to the fact there are over 1500 images on the memory card. Oops. I am so very crap at deleting photos. Ahem. You know what I'll be doing with the rest of my evening...x

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