Thursday, October 23, 2014

coffee general

I am a bit of a paradox. I am a herbalist. I love coffee. Or should that read I LOVE coffee?
To me, it's forgivable. Coffee is a plant after all. And it eases a daily grind (forgive the pun). I am not a morning person. And my son most definitely is. That's been one of the most challenging parts of motherhood for me. I loved coffee before I became a mama. Sheesh, I even gave the stuff up for three whole years of pregnancy and breastfeeding. But I do love my coffee. Just one a day. But it's got to be a good one. The coffee machine is by far the largest, most frequently used appliance in our kitchen. And shall I tell you something funny? Jed grinds the beans and makes a stomper of a coffee and brings it to me in bed every weekday morning. After years of sleepless nights and starting the day at times beginning with 5, I think I have earned it.
Anyway, my point was, I love a good coffee. I rarely buy a coffee when I am out. I try and keep it to one a day but aside from that, it is so disappointing to get a stink one. 
Knowing all of the above, you can imagine my distress to wake one morning to find our old faithful (10 years of grinding love!) coffee grinder had died in the night. Argh!
Then imagine the joy, after spending two hours in crawling traffic to get Jed to his science day at the MindLab, at discovering they had a cafe in-house. Whoop! And not just any cafe. Coffee General. These folks know their coffee. Their food is superb and there is a lovely light filled seating area...all just across from the Auckland Domain. Leafyness...with caffeine. Yes! The day got a whole lot brighter from there. 

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