Wednesday, October 15, 2014

further south

We're just back from a trip to Queenstown in the South Island. It was all sorts of wonderful. I worked remotely while away so it wasn't truly a holiday and am in that phase of just unpacked, really enjoying being home but feeling kinda swamped in all the goodness of the week ahead. Reminding myself to take deep breaths every now and then and remember to take breaks and play along the way too. It doesn't help that I sound like I have been on the whiskies and cigarettes all night. I haven't! Must've picked some lergy up on the plane. Boo! 

There will be more stories of the trip to come. I haven't quite 'unpacked' all the photos yet either. Here is the view from our window in Sunshine Bay. Not bad huh?! 

It was Jed's grandpa's 80th birthday. Pretty special to have all the family there. Have to take every opportunity to get the cousins together...we live so far apart. 

Oh, that view! Much time was spent just gazing out that window. So much better than TV.


  1. What magical scenery, and how special to gather for the 80th birthday.

    1. It was a bit of a hike to get there from here...but so worth it. x