Monday, October 27, 2014

geeking out at the lego show

This long weekend was a full one. Really full. The annual Auckland Lego Show was the first stop. These folks crack me up. They are a lovely lot, that's not the part that makes me's the name. The Auckland Lego Users Club. Users. That's the bit that has me giggling. Better to use lego than drugs for sure! Those lego users outdid themselves with this years offering. So much to see. Jed came away all inspired and launched himself into some pretty incredible free-building when we got home. I didn't have lego in my childhood. I remember my cousin having some but I was shy. (Yes, I was!) I think I went and read a book instead. I enjoy having a build alongside Jed these days. If he can tear me away from whatever project or work I have going. I used to get told off for assymetrical building, or using too diverse a colour palette though. Those free spirited wild building mama's can be so annoying sometimes. I'll leave you with a few favourite displays. And those of you who are wondering why you are reading a blog post about lego may wander on to more interesting blogger fodder! x

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