Friday, October 17, 2014

South Island cousins

A four metre high pile of dirt, some old nails,a few sticks and three kids. Recipe for happiness. It was so cool seeing the Queenstown cousins. They just spent all day doing their thing. No fancy outings required.

We did make it up the gondola. And the more brave of heart spent a good hour going up the chairlift and hooning it down on the luge. The gentler of souls hung out with the elders and the youngest. That'd be me. This time anyway. The occasion of us all getting together? Grandpa turned 80! We had the most amazing long lunch at Amisfield vineyard. I have never tasted food like that. I do come from a working class family in a fairly poor area and didn't know there were different types of cheeses until my late teens, but still. Food. Was. Amazing. A culinary adventure and a very memorable birthday for a special man. 

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