Thursday, October 9, 2014

the catnip patch

This is Slinky. He appeared one day years ago, starving for food and loving, and set up house under our deck. He'd ambush us with plaintive cries and smoochs every time we left the house. I tried to take him to the cat rescue folks, I really did, but as you can see...he's still here. He's a trial of a cat. He is more likely to hiss than purr if you stroke him at the wrong time, he jumps on the bench, chews through fly cloths to get to pizza cooling on the bench and shares his time between a few houses coming and going as he pleases. Any guesses why he got dumped in the first place?! 
He's a character all right. Our new neighbour got home to find him stretched out on his bed, having weasled his way in through an open window. I like to think he's working out some issues in his cat life. He has a few. 

One of Slinky's vices is catnip. I have it in my herb garden for it's medicinal properties. It's awesome for kids with colds or flu. It is much loved my the cats in the neighbourhood. Slinky sets up camp next to the catnip when it starts to regrow in the Spring, guarding it from the Ginger Menace, his arch nemesis. He's been there for days. My attempts to get him out of the garden (which he KNOWS is illegal) are met with disdain. He just goes back when I'm not looking. I give up. He can have the catnip. 


  1. I love cats but I don't have one at the moment as it would be unfair to the cat where I currently live. I used to buy those catnip mice in the pet shops but my cats never took to them!
    Next time I give a home to a cat I'll plant catnip in my garden, the obviously like the growning plant much more. Nice blog btw.....I found you via the 'next blog' tab at top of page :)

    1. The bees love the flowers of the catnip too..extra bonus! How cool that you found GrowMama by hitting the 'next blog' at the top of the page...the one time I did that it was not, er, where I wanted to be at all...glad you had a better experience!