Monday, November 10, 2014


We have a super lovely man teaching drums and guitar just down the road. He just knows how to connect and work with each kid. It's such a gift. Just recently he put on a Night of Rock to showcase all the kids performing. In his own words 'making them rock stars for the night'. He did awesome. It was community at it's best. The stage was his garage. Grace lent him swathes of red velvet to transform the space, someone lent lights, someone else spent hours constructing tiers of bandstand seating out of scaffolding, a bar tending mate developed cocktails - kid and adult versions, everyone brought plates to share. Many people pitched in to help out. It was quite the night.

Jed just started learning drums a few weeks ago and it is a joy to see how much he loves it. He looks strong and very comfortable sitting at the drums. Some of you might remember the new sleepout at the bottom of our garden? Yup. That's where the drum kit lives for now. Wasn't in the plan, but the best parts of life aren't right?!

I haven't shown this to Jed yet, but HERE is his drum teacher in his hey day as drummer for his band the Dead Flowers. It's going to blow his mind. 


  1. Woah! Cool!!

    And double woah because I think this guy used to babysit me way back when!

    Is his name Rob??

  2. had THE coolest babysitter ever. Yep, his name is Rob. How about that?! x

  3. 818 DRUMS are a wonderful teacher. They loves introducing his students to the delightful world of percussion. There's patient, and knows how to work with all types of personalities and learning styles. They focuses each lesson on what the individual desires to learn, at the same time making sure they progress to become the best they can be. **Highly recommended!