Saturday, November 1, 2014


It's amazing how much fun you can have decorating with just $10 spent at the two dollar shop and a dive into the fabric stash and craft box! We came home with a bag of cobwebs, a pile of black card, vampire teeth and a scythe. We'd been looking at symmetry so we got stuck into making bats to stick on the walls, doors and ceiling. Whole families of bats came into being. Bat masks even came into being. Not even my idea...those kids were on fire.

Jed had invited a few friends around. He got up super early to decorate, chose the menu, had me set up a few friendly houses to visit later in the evening and made little Halloween thank you cards and flyers to hand out. He'd overheard a friend and neighbour talk about how wierd it was to have a horde of kids arrive, grab a bunch of stuff and leave without even meeting their eyes or saying thank you or seeming appreciative. Jed took this on board. The handcrafted thank you notes were a real hit. 

The solar lamp got some red eyes glowing, candles were lit. Ideas flowed like water. In between we talked about the origins of Halloween, Samhain and All Hallows Eve and Witches New Year. 

It was fun, there's been a bunch of that lately but boringly, this introvert needs a bit of down time now. There was a cool festival in 'hood today and I was so fried I could hardly speak. Tomorrow is the first day in awhile with NOTHING planned in it. Hoorah! 

This was my favourite touch...Jed hauled some coral tree sticks out of the bush and painted the spikes in blood. I love that boys brain.


  1. Jed is such a rad kiddo - love the idea of the thank you notes. Han and I haven't gone over the origins of Halloween for a few years so it's a good reminder to do that. She's getting so in to the occult so it's perfect timing. Watch out for various spells being cast around Piha in the coming months ;) (hopefully nice ones)