Thursday, December 11, 2014

Do Good Jobs ethical gift list

The pohutakawa's are in flower! It's always a magnificent sight along New Zealand's coastline. The native herald of the holiday season. And in our garden. The tui's, geckoes, bees and other littler native nectar drinkers are having a lovely time in there.

In other news, quite a few of you have emailed asking about a gift list. I just wrote one for the Do Good Jobs blog. I write monthly for them. I'll direct you over there.  If you haven't been over there! My blog post Eleven top tips is HERE.

To quote the DGJ site: Do Good Jobs is about connecting great people, to do good. We connect passionate, talented people (aka do-gooders) with work vacancies in New Zealand and the Pacific that aim to do good and create social and environmental change.These listings include paid employment, voluntary roles and internships. 

It is well, really really GOOD! 

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