Wednesday, December 10, 2014

on the doorstep

Sheesh, these kids are lucky. How cool is it to have THIS on the doorstep? It's been too hot and nice to stay home and work, despite deadlines. So, we've been zooming down to some favourite spots to meet with friends some late afternoons. It does a person good to get away from the screen and get some sun and wind on the skin. Puts the busyness of grown up life into perspective. The work is always there when I get home. Often along with the dishes! Ahem. 

Some combination of kids paddle off into the distance, hunt for frogs, disappear over the sand dunes, swim, snorkel or sandfight. We mama's sit and talk and solve the problems of the world. And at a pinch, I can always bring a device down with me. That's been done before. Best is hands free and feet bare though. I often wonder what we'd do on afternoons like this if we lived in town. I am sure we'd think of something. We're good like that.


  1. wowzers!! wouldn't mind having that as my backyard x

    Hope you are well!

    1. So lucky huh? I really don't mind the tiny house with these sorts of views only minutes away. Plus, less to clean, right?! x