Monday, January 5, 2015

A night in Mokau

 New Zealand isn't really that big. None of the 5 day 5 night across the country road trips that I did in the USA, but even so, I like to break car journeys into bite size pieces these days. Tempers start to fray at about the 5 hour mark and taking an overnight break gives us a chance to explore somewhere new and rest up. We chose to stay at the Mokau Motel in Taranaki again on the way back. Laurel very kindly upgraded us to a luxury room upstairs. Bliss after a day in the car. With spa bath! Heavenly. And there was time for a good ole wander and examine of river-meets-the-sea habitat before check out time the next morning. Mud, tiny crabs, cave, waterfall...Mokau has it all. Laurel and Murray are brilliant hosts. They are down to earth friendly those two. High praise from me. Going there is a little bit of home somehow. And the little guy will forever remember getting to hold a real Winchester rifle, thanks Murray!

I had to laugh when I saw this photo in the download. It is blurry but I like it for the moment it captured for me. I was so fried when we arrived. All I could do was sink to the floor, drink a beer and look out over the beautiful view. It took awhile in that position before anything else happened. I don't drink alcohol much at all, but sometimes, at the end of a long summers day, it is perfect.

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