Friday, January 23, 2015

Leonie's 2015 workbook

I freaking love these things. I used to do my visioning work for the year to come on bits of paper, or in an exercise book. But you know, it's important work, this dreaming up the year and it feels good to have a workbook that kinda guides the whole process. 

I have bought the pdf version of Leonie Dawson's Life and Biz workbooks for the last two years. I reviewed my 2014 books last month and holy moly I nailed it! Putting your dreams out there and reviewing the vision during the year is powerful stuff. I bought the 2015 pdf version too, but imagine my joy when I got an email on Christmas Eve from Leonie headquarters saying they'd love to send me a 2015 hard copy. YES PLEASE! If it is possible to screech on email, I did. Luckily we were on a road trip so I couldn't haunt the letter box waiting for it. 

Look! Complete with chocolate, tea, wall chart calendar, signed card. This woman knows her stuff. My name on that envelope even looks spookily like I wrote it myself.

I have been grabbing my moments to work in it. On the table while small but nonetheless terrifying ninja's battle around me, on a picnic blanket by the waterhole while children kerplunk rocks nearby, on the beanbag in the shade of a super hot summer day while small people use me as part of an obstacle course. This is what being a creative mama means. You identify and create the moments you need and then ride 'em hard. It's an art.

Just for the record, I am an affiliate. Technically. Unfortunately, I spent three hours yesterday trying to solve the dilemma of putting an affiliate button on the side bar there. Something I have done many times. And I hereby declare that I GIVE UP. Usually I stumble my way through various forums and stubbornly work it out. Didn't work for me this time round. But I am stumped on this one. Leonie and co don't have any tech support on offer so I am screwed on that front. Tech stuff is not my thing. On the wishlist for 2015 is to find a tech support person for GrowMama and associated projects because not being good at that stuff is damping my buzz and I have things to do this year. But I digress.

I may come back to it in a day or so. Then again, I am on holiday mode, and I might just go to the beach instead. Sorry Leonie!
So, if you are keen (and I thoroughly recommend them) click on over to Leonie's website HERE and pick yourself up a copy. 

Happy Planning!

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