Monday, January 26, 2015

renegade summer sewing

It's been sooooo HOT here in the New Zealand summer. Several degrees warmer than our usual summer high's. Not exactly good sewing weather. Especially since my sewing lab is upstairs in our little house. Heat rises and the afternoon can be stifling up there. I had a few projects cut out and they'd been languishing in my sewing basket. Then I realised that term time will be here before I am ready for it and with it, all the driving Jed to meetings, classes and adventure that go with it. Sooo....I have been nabbing renegade sewing moments in the cool of the morning. This shirt is take two of this pattern. Its Simplicity 1366. I looked and looked online and in thrift shops for a good t-shirt like pattern I could use as a basic template and spotted this one on a blog. I pounced on the pattern on etsy about five seconds later. THEN realised the sizing was all wrong for me. Ah well. A bit of tweaking to make the neckline smaller and I am super happy with it.

I love it. Cool and classy. It's one of those pieces of clothing. I had 4 comments on it the first morning I wore it. Funny thing is, folks all thought it was super expensive (none of them know me or read the GrowMama blog clearly!) but the silk fabric cost me a few dollars at Sew Love Tea Do.

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