Friday, January 9, 2015

Seven words

In my line of work and in the circles I roam in, I get to hang with a bunch of different naturopaths. In my work at East West Organics the staff are all into various modes of healthy living and in blogworld various healthfull themes pop up repeatedly.

One of the naturopaths asked me about my health regime today. I replied with seven words. Here are my thoughts. I was vegetarian or vegan for chunks of 20 something years until I sat down to a seaside restaurant in Spain and ordered prawns. My lovely partner at the time hurriedly explained they came with their heads on and I would probably like to order something else. I didn't. And I relished eating those garlicky prawns in the moonlight glinting off the Mediterranean. They were delicious. I must've needed something in them I guess. I remember laughing and saying, 'I did warn you not to concrete me in!'. Inwardly I was kinda impressed with myself. Ms Militant vegetarian for 20 something years falls off the wagon in style!

Which brings me back to my 'health regime'. My answer? 
I try and listen to my body. 
Seven words. 
End of story.

My body doesn't like red meat. Never did. Which is cool, because I have an affinity with animals and my mind has a hard time with eating them. But clearly I didn't have much of an affinity with prawns back then.
I like to eat wild. Which means when I am down in the garden selecting greens for the rabbits breakfast, I snack too. I figure the nearer I get the food into my mouth from the source the greater the minerals and vitamins and vitality I get. Plus, they taste great. And, you know I am a herbalist right? Fresh greens go with the territory. So do fresh herbs, on pretty much everything. A nutritional as well as taste boost. I sneak kale into strange places too.

I like to eat simple. My preferred cooking style is what my neighbour in France called peasant food. By that I mean, simple, you know...beans and rice, a beautiful homemade soup, fresh seafood, salads and whatever is in the garden. I am not a menu planner, I am an on the fly meal creator.

Everything is made from scratch, I like to know what's in my food. Sauces, soup stocks, cookies, dressings, all homemade. My son was four before he found out you could buy cakes in a store. 
I am not so keen on pasta or potatoes. I am not gluten free. I tried for awhile but it made no difference I could sense, so now I just choose to reduce gluten where I can.
I LOVE quinoa, and all kinds of salads. Beetroot and feta and balsamic rock my world on the regular basis and I am not ashamed to add lentils to the list. I love those suckers too. 
I make my own bread (which is admired by many, but no-one else in my house will eat to them and yay...more for me) but then I will go stretches without eating bread at all.

We make kick-ass juices and smoothies and those are just happiness in a jar to me.
Seasonal fruit is where it's at. Oh, summer berries and stone fruit! 

I don't do dairy much but love cheese. Go figure. The stinkier the better. Those who know me bring cheese when they visit (I rarely buy it myself).
I am learning about turmeric, that's a 'thing' at the moment right?! My new love (rediscovered) is sauerkraut and kombucha and the wheels are in motion to start making my own.
And, salads and lentils aside, I am known for my baking. The baking tins are not stocked all the time as my Nana's were, but I love to feed people good food and if you come over for morning tea chances are there will be a cake, brownie, cookie or a slice of tarte in vintage baking tins. These may be gluten free or egg free or sugar free if that's your thing, but chances are they are made the way my Nana taught me...unapologetically loaded with everything and delicious for it. 


  1. Awesome post, I enjoy it. Please post more like this (Your writing skill also awesome). Thanks for sharing ….

  2. I enjoyed some of your delicious baking goodness on Sunday morning when I hadn't been listening to my body. Thank you.

    1. Ahhh...your people are honest then...I wondered if it would make it back to you! Another time you can have them on tap. x