Thursday, January 15, 2015

summer fruit fest

It's a summer fruit fest.
Just look at my fruit bowl. 
Okay, so it's not my regular fruit bowl that sits on the bench, it's my pull out occasionally special dish that was my Nana's. (Just in case y'all get some wrong ideas about how we roll around here!)

Cherries gifted to us, plums from our local orchard, apricots and blueberries.
So good. 
I keep meaning to stew some or bake a clafouti or crumble, but it's just too hot to contemplate putting the oven on unecessarily and they taste so good fresh and raw.
Summer fruit and daily swims.
Summer happiness.


  1. Mmmm cherries! I love them, but they are still rather expensive in the shops.

    1. I miss my ancient huge cherry trees on our land in France. I used to sit up there with my cats and eat and eat. And occasionally I would surprise one of the village kids who'd be sneaking up to pick cherries and not expect to find a grown up high in the tree!