Friday, January 2, 2015

summer in full swing

I THINK this was taken at Wellington City's Lyall Bay. There were so many stops to swim on our road trip, all those beautiful beaches have kinda blurred into one wet happy sandy summer scene in my head. That may have had something to do with the pain relief I was on. Maybe.

It was a similar scene today. Except with dangerous large surf, menacing looking rip than ran the length of the beach and some amazing, kinda stressed looking surf lifesavers in attendance. Sometimes the little guy and I pack up the car and head across to the East coast, or a town beach, just to be able to relax a bit while swimming. Many days where we live going for a swim is like stepping into a washing machine. Cooling, invigorating and a good workout that keep you on your toes. Restful? Nope. Can I take my eyes off the youngster? Not a chance. 

Today was a two swim day. We are having a holiday at home for the next few days. Luckily we live 5 minutes from the beach, and the whole beach-side village is thronged with folks on holiday so it's not hard to join in the relaxed summer beachedness. 

I am not very good at the holiday thing. I like a project. Or two or three. But, I am learning the art of lying on the couch, or on the picnic blanket in the shade of a tree, playing games with Jed, coming up with wild juice concoctions (today's winner was pineapple, kale, apple, lemon and lots of fresh mint...yum!), eating salads from our garden, dreaming up goals for 2015, reading and eyeing up my sewing machine. I spent the day in my togs (that's swimsuit for some of you Northern Hemisphere dwellers), vintage sundress and my new grey fedora felt hat. That's a sure sign of summer.

And, from here, 2015 is looking mighty fine! Happy New Year everyone. xx

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