Saturday, February 28, 2015

meeting brutus

We met Brutus. Resident stingray at a marina on the Whangaparoa Peninsula north of Auckland. He's lived at the marina for years, cruising for free handouts and is quite the local celebrity. Jed spotted him first. He comes right up to the marina jetty to be fed. SO cool.
We had bread to feed the fish and this brought a flurry of large snapper, kingfish and others to the surface. It was quite the display. A guy who had worked there for years was a wonderful resource, giving Jed his polarised sunglasses to wear so he could see more clearly and naming the fish for us. It was one of the those wonderful spontaneous learning through real life days.
We were in the neighbourhood visiting a new member of the family. But more about that soon. There is A LOT going on around here at the moment.


  1. We've been spotting soooo many stingrays lately! They are so cool, huh! They do make me a tad nervous about dipping my toes in the water though :-(

    1. They are super cool! I haven't seen any out swimming...I like them just fine at the marina thanks very much! Hope your summer is a stonking good one Stella. x