Monday, February 2, 2015

tomatoes - i like them from afar

I have a challenging relationship with tomatoes. I make a semi-famous tomato sauce from scratch, I love tomato soup, they are vital in my chutneys and I make a mean fresh tomato salsa. I just can't eat them raw. Or resembling a tomato. True factoid. I have tried. One year I grew 12 varieties determined to like at least one. I had an open mind and a clean palette. Nope. Just ain't my thing. The weird thing is that I recently found out they were my first solid food. Pretty full-on first food! Apparently I liked them back then. Whatever. I still love the look of them ripening on the vine. Just not on my plate.


  1. Well, I never liked them until I was pregnant. Then it all changed, and I've enjoyed them every since. At least you can enjoy the look of them.

    1. Funny what changes when. Yes, they are truly beautiful...there is a battalion of them lined up on my kitchen windowsill at the moment.