Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Peppermint sewing school shorts

Yep, these photos were taken when the sun was too high and bright and you know what? That's okay. I can live with it. It was the only way they were going to get done. It has been a mad few weeks.
But, LOOK! New favourite shorts. In rotation with the denim cut offs.
I like trying out new patterns and was thrilled to discover Peppermint magazine's sewing school. Fabulous free patterns to download. HERE. Squee.
These have been full (oh, ever so slightly stressful) days, late nights and capped with broken nights sleep. In times like these, I sew. Or write. Or both. And try and squeeze in a long walk, or two.
Having that creative outlet just makes all the difference for me.

So, down to business. These are from Sewing School's high waisted shorts pattern. I wouldn't recommend for a beginner sewer, the instruction sheet was not complete and I had to wing it in a few places. That just added to the fun for me and I am pleased with the result. Perfect for this vintage fabric I had been ogling in my stash. Plus, the shorts go with my favourite hat. Bonus!

More therapeutic sewing is required so I am tossing up between the Harvest top or the shift dress. I just had a look at the pattern for the Harvest top by Pattern Runway and it looks comprehensive. It might be just right for the vintage raw silk I have been hoarding. There's ten metres of the stuff, but I will still shudder when I cut into it.
It's time to be brave!

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