Thursday, March 26, 2015

rainbow moko

The little guy surprised me with this beautiful rainbow moko. I love all the colour and shape and movement. Especially how one area flows into another.

Which reminds me of a random thing. We were playing Junior Monopoly and talking about life (as you do) when Jed had to pay out. With the next roll of the dice the money came back to him. He said, "Ah...I flows." A pause, and then, "but sometimes it gets sucked into a vortex and can't get out". And then, when he was almost out of money and I gave him some: "Monopoly should be like life...when someone is having a hard time, we help them out. Real life rich people should share more mama...that would save a lot of sadness in the world"

Wise words, I hope he holds onto them through out his life.

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