Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The very very hot summer

Summer. It's been a stonker of a summer here in New Zealand.
We've pretty much been swimming every day for two months. Many an afternoon it has just been too hot to do much of anything but flop in the shade and read.
I have been reminded of what it means to relax. And I am desperately trying to hold onto that as we roll further into term one and classes and things start up again. 

I was going through photos from earlier in the summer. These are from our Waiheke Island trip. So much I have failed to post here. Bit of a catch up time ahead. I have gotten waylaid by a stressful work situation and unexpected family health stuff. Oh, and swimming. Got to fit those swims in! Some balance to the madness is definitely priority. Some days we dash down for a quick swim in the late afternoon but then it's so lovely and we usually bump into friends and then before we know it, our 'quick swim' clocks in at 2 hours...and counting. The dishes are always still there when I get home.

I love this photo. It's bleached out from the bright sunlight but to me that represents the blinding summer we are in. (It's an unusual one.) The nights are getting cooler, which is a blessing. It is strange to see the snowed in pictures my friends in the Northern Hemisphere are posting. Hard to comprehend in the heat. Love to you whatever your weather. x

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