Friday, April 24, 2015


It was the hardest of mornings. We still made it to our archery club open day and I am so glad we did. We learned so much and got to shoot for a few hours, up a mountain, with dear friends under a blue sky. And while there were not many smiles, the rough morning ebbed away and we felt a whole lot darn better for it. The boy and I walked adventured up to the top of the mountain after the archery session and came down from there connected and feeling stronger somehow. 
Both of us are keen for more archery. It was very cool to see everyone so strong in their bodies and focussed and striving to improve. Some of us clearly have natural aptitude, that Jed guy was the first to get a bulls eye. Plus, I learned the hard way where my arm guard is meant to go and got the most impressive bruise. I have been impressing intrepid small children with it all week. 

We've been reading and listening to the Rangers Apprentice series. The main character is a skilled archer. And watching Lars Andersen on youtube. Very cool. Prepare yourself for some seriously inspiring archery and historical research then click HERE.

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