Thursday, April 9, 2015

Phoenix landing

I think it's fair to say assimilating a puppy into the whanau is an adjustment all round. Let's just say I feel for my cat, who I hardly see during the day anymore. Hoping that passes. Training and walks on the beach both on leash and off are good parts of every day. I love walking and Jed doesn't. Or didn't...until Phoenix came along. Hoorah! I love starting my day on the beach with those two. 

Phoenix got well and truly trounced by a friend's wild boxer on one of his first outings off our land. It seems that has made him anxious about other dogs which is a pain and something we are working on. I have to remind myself he is still only 12 weeks old. So new. So fun to have around, oh my. Loving all the laughter around here. This afternoon he had seven kids running around the back garden with him. 
Puppies and kids. Nothing like it.

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