Friday, May 29, 2015

seasonal fruit

Feijoas and lemons from our trees, tomatillos from next door, apples, mandarins and pears from the orchard just over the hill. It's as seasonal and local as it gets. Oh, except for the pineapple lurking in the fridge...that's from a friendly pacific nation a carbon emitting plane ride away. Ahem. I do like my green smoothie with pineapple for a treat though. Some things are hard to give up, even if you only have them occasionally. Sigh!

The young fella and I have been talking about our food and where it comes from lately.  How things have changed since the days my neighbours in France grew or raised or made almost everything they needed and traded for the rest. It's still in living memory that life. Incredible to think about for most of us in the Western industrialised world. We did a little exercise where we imagined what our diet would be like if we had to eat only local food in season. Try it! 

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