Monday, June 22, 2015

Anjalee, gears and other stuff

We've been delving into a diverse array of learning. We recently spent the morning with the Royal NZ Ballet which heralded some great conversations about the human body, dance, creative expression and gender roles. The last few days has seen us building with K'nex. Learning about gears and engineering stuff. This one is a chainsaw. I stand by the use of 'stuff' as a technical term btw. 
Tomorrow we have an old DVD player to deconstruct to see how it works. Can't wait!
Someone asked me what an average homeschooling day is like for us today. The easy answer might be that there is no average day. Today we spontaneously left our table of books and projects to dash into town to catch a glimpse of Auckland Zoo's newly arrived Asian elephant, Anjalee. It was her first day in NZ. We even got to chat to the senior elephant keeper Andrew, who has been with her from the elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka and throughout her three months quarantine in Niue. 

I'll have a think and see if there's a blog post or two in what a homeschooling day might look like. It might even be a feature series, there are as many ways to approach homebased learning as there are families doing it. 

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