Monday, June 29, 2015

birthday love

My birthday this year was one to remember. It started with dinner out at a local Italian restaurant on my birthday eve. We all dressed up which was fun. It's a rare treat to see the young fella in anything but hoodie and sweatpants and he totally rocked his outfit that night. Birthday morning began with coffee in bed (you all know I refuse to get out of bed until it's delivered right?!) with gifts from the boys. Jed made me a present this year. All by himself. From idea and finished product. Amazing! He carved me a plaque. It's so cool, I love it. He'd been working on it secretly for weeks. Sweet boy.

Plans for my actual birthday got put on hold as Jed had his last day of term sports tournament at his homeschooling group and we had to rush back for a funeral. Yup. 
We sneaked in (easy as it was in a marquee) about halfway through. It was one to remember. One of those before their time unexpected deaths. Leaving behind beloveds including an extended furry four-legged family and his daughter. Stink.
It was an amazing farewell. I think we all took something away from it. To live life, to do those things you always wanted to, remember to tell those close you love them. Seize the day. Stand up for what you believe in. There is nothing like a good funeral to put things into perspective. It was a beautiful send off. 

I got home to friend, Nicki, dropping off a raw apple pie for me. Super YUM. So much love gone into it. That pie was seriously the most amazing thing I have tasted. I had to get friends in to help me eat it. None could go to waste and as it was raw, time was of the essence. We had consensus: Best. Pie. Ever! She even popped in a tub of freshly made cashew cream. Gulp. So good! She is one very talented lady. 

Then there were all those delicious facebook messages from friends and whanau around the world. Sigh. xx


  1. What a lovely birthday. That pie looks so good I can almost taste it from the photos.

    1. It was truly a taste sensation...oozing with love it was!

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