Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Forest days

Today's blogpost I planned to write about our weekly Forest Free Play days. Oh the irony. We loved the first sessions and now are not sure if we'll continue. Ai yi yi. Life aye? It twists and turns and delivers surprises when least expected. I still love the concept. A whole day in the bush no matter the weather. Deepening friendships. Freedom to explore.

Imagine a big chunk of bush extending all the way to the sea. Imagine a woodpile, a fire place, a big simple homebase structure. Imagine rain gear and woolly jumpers, gumboots and some hardy small people determinedly wearing their favourite swimsuit. Imagine freshly picked apples wrapped in tinfoil and cooked in the fire. Kids learning about fire building, how to whittle, identifying the creatures, plants and fungi they find, making huts, coming in and out of time with other children of all ages and time with parents and other grownups equally willing to support them. We kinda do that ourselves on a smaller scale but there was something special about sharing it with a tribe of sorts. In the immortal words of someone I know ...Ah well. We'll see how things unfurl. Life has a beautiful way of presenting new paths when one closes. xx

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  1. It sounds wonderful. Maybe once a month is more realistic?