Monday, July 6, 2015

new medium

Jed was mid swing on a beeswax candle making jag when he ran out of wick. The very next morning we went to Forest Folk, the little store in the Titirangi Steiner school carpark for supplies. We came home with more beeswax sheets, candle wick and this lovely little set of three watercolour paints. A roll of that special watercolour paper and we were set. I have wanted to try this at home for ages but was put off by the cost of the paint. I loved that the Forest Folk store had decanted some into little jars. They'll last us for ages. Happiness in a pot right there!

Every now and then I like to explore new art and craft mediums. We tried to throw out all ideas and just explore the flow of the paint. We wet the paper first and then a tiny bit of the paint went directly onto the brush. It's such a beautiful process.
It should be said that some Steiner folks would shudder at my explanation. Their 'wet on wet painting' is a bit different. You can take a look at this link HERE. We'll have a go at that next time. 

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