Monday, August 24, 2015

Birthdays - how we roll

It was an early start. FAR too exciting to stay in bed past 6 am. Gulp! Most days I refuse to get out of bed until someone brings me a coffee. Birthdays are a different story. You only turn eight once after all. We open presents in bed and of course, they had to be tried out immediately. Jed is now the proud owner of a dremel power tool. Only to be used in the presence of a grown up (and yes, with safety glasses ON, unlike in the picture above, ahem) and with safety speech duly given. Hard to say who is more excited about the dremel. I am allowed to borrow it you see. (Yes!)  

Jed chooses what he wants to do for his birthday. We set the budget and we work within that to make it happen. He plans the whole thing. All food rules etc get thrown out for the day. Yup, fun! 
I am newly amazed every year at his choices. They are good ones. 
He loves a good party so big plans usually hatch in the months leading up to his birthday. This year was no exception. It was a Japanese theme (think ninja's, samurai, kimonos, sushi and martial arts) and we hired out the local bowling club in case it rained. (We have a tiny house) Jed went a little overboard with inviting people and two days before the party we sat down and did a count. The kid had 23 kids sitting at the feasting table this year!

 It was awesome. A few games Jed comes up with himself but mainly just being together. 
 Good food, good company, good times. Everyone pitches in to help clean up and it was all just easy. The secret is in the preparation I reckon. Jed and I spend the week getting ready then I can just enjoy the day. That kid is turning into a pretty darn fine organiser like his mama. They are good life skills. This year we decorated the cake together. That took the heat off me a bit. He'd asked for a samurai temple cake. Ai yi yi! Thank goodness for lego. 

For days afterward Jed kept saying, 'Oh I wish I could time travel back to the beginning of my party'.

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