Sunday, August 30, 2015

community noticeboard

Every now and then I come across a product and I think EVERYONE should know about.
 I think a new feature (a random one!) on the blog might be born. Hence the 'community noticeboard' blog title. I was sent this hygrometer a few months ago. I presume by a PR company, because there was no label or card just the package. It's called the Selina and is by Stadler Form and is a lovely wee piece of design. It's a pleasure to see it in the house. It gives the time, temperature and humidity levels. A super wee piece of goodness!

I was shocked to find out that our little house consistently rates higher in humidity than the recommended indoor humidity levels of between 40 and 60%. Selina has done the rounds of a few friends houses and has helped folks out no end. With one family having no episodes of croup in their young children where each prior winter they'd been hospitalised with it. Nice work Selina.

Link to the website for those interested is over HERE.

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