Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Book Exchange - a review by Mama and Jed

                          Photo's by Jed. Age 8.

The little guy and I went to check out the newest establishment in our local town centre, Glen Eden. The Book Exchange. They call themselves Book and Caffeine Dealers.
I do love my books and my coffee. That area has been a bit sad on the coffee front so I was thrilled to hear a cafe was opening. We are happy to report that the Book Exchange make a very fine coffee and a most delicious hot chocolate. The younger of us got a Book Exchange voucher for their birthday so there was extra excitement in the visit. 
Jed took all the photos for this review and I am going to let them speak for themselves. I was fully prepared to take another round of shots but the kid nailed it. He's got a good eye that one. And, the resident goldfish's name? Thor. Yup. I like that place.

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