Wednesday, September 9, 2015

even super heroes need rest

I woke up exhausted today. Like I had been up partying and only had half an hours sleep. (I think I still remember what that feels like!) For no good reason either. It's been one of those dips in the roller coaster of life and sheesh, that stuff is tiring. I'm not the only one feeling the strain. We threw out our plans for the day and did a bunch of science and art and gardening and skateboarding instead. Sometimes engaging in creative work and doing practical stuff and taking time to sit in the garden is just what is needed. 

My thoughts are going to the garden more and more as spring unfurls. I have broad beans almost ready, a bunch of salads and chard we're picking but I find my thoughts drift to dreaming up the summer garden. We took some of our science experiments outside today and it felt so good sitting there on the earth watching the birds do their spring thing.'ve been a cold one and full of the unexpected, I will not be sad to see you go!

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