Tuesday, September 8, 2015

little kiwi's closet

The lovely Gabrielle over at Life in our busy household put me onto this pattern. It's by Little Kiwi's Closet and it goes from 0 - 6 years. (I am pretty sure the copy I have goes up to 13 years, but it says to 6 years on the pattern in their shop). Their shop is HERE. I think I used a mix of the peekaboo pocket pants and the harem pants.

It sews up super fast and that pocket construction is genius. I am spatially dyslexic and go a bit squiffy using new patterns and construction methods sometimes, but the instructions were easy to follow and there was no unpicking involved. (We like that)
You thought I was just clever creating my own patterns huh? Nope. Necessity. It's was just easier for me to nut out a pattern from the creation onwards than it was to follow someone elses. I have taught myself not to panic now and am really enjoying exploring new construction methods and patterns. 

Unfortunately though, I made the waist too large and it remains to be seen if they'll be worn anyway. We may have reached a moment where mama-made clothes are not the best. Sigh. Ah well. I had a good run. Eight years. I suppose I get to sew more for me. A person can only wear so many clothes so I am playing with the idea of opening my online store seasonally. Fun! 

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