Sunday, September 27, 2015

passing on the good stuff

A friend was moving house. Her kids had houses of their own and her son's precious stone and geological collection needed a new home. She is a dear person this friend. Jed already has a handsome treasure box full of healing stones. She really thought hard about who would appreciate each item that needed a new home. Jed got the call to come and pick up some special things. This collection. It took us several trips to get it all into my car. It came complete with ring binders of information and comes out on a regular basis. Every time it makes an appearance a different aspect of learning happens. It is quite magical to watch unfold. 

We love to pass on the things that we have loved too. Clothing I made or that Jed wore for years and was now too small. I always ask Jed who he'd like to give them too There is something special about bequeathing something you have loved. If it's clothing, we get to see it again and again, new memories being woven in and around the old memories. There is enough stuff in the world, it's all about how we move it around. 

Mending night was held in the local hall last week. (Drinks may have been imbibed while we worked.) A few learned new skills: how to mend a broken zip or use the sewing machine to patch a ripped knee. Cake was eaten and a good time was had. Somehow the mending wasn't getting done at home but doing it together made it fun. Plans are underway for the next one already. Those old favourite clothes now have a new lease of life.

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