Monday, October 5, 2015

woodworking fijian style

Jed is into his woodworking. His toolboxes are legendary. For awhile he would disappear into a neighbours workshop and the two of them would research and design different swords. When they started hanging out I had visions of him bringing home furniture and boxes he'd made. Silly me. 
He did make some cool boxes once they'd knocked off a bit of weaponry. I have one he made on my work desk in pride of place. I know - if anyone had of peered into my future and told me that my home had an armoury at the front door years ago I would have been shocked. To say the least. Parenting aye? A surefire way to ensure you stay on your toes!

In Fiji we saw this woodworking guy at work. He was using a tool he'd made himself. The blade was held on by wire wrappings and there was no vice in sight. He was working super fast and that sharp blade came down millimetres from his hand. It was such precision work. It was like watching a symphony, he was incredible. This was his income and his joy. We talked a lot about how many skills are being lost or only accessible to 'experts' these days. We also talked at length about the joy we both find in making. Jed has been carving initials into pieces of wood lately and gives them as gifts. 

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