Thursday, November 12, 2015

scooters and skateboards

Along with the picnic blanket, water, spare clothes and shoes that live in the boot of my car, there are various wheels. A scooter or two, helmet and skateboard usually travel with us too. I find it amazing that even though too tired to handle errands or anything much, energy can still be found to go scooting or skate at the bowl. It's a bit like what I imagine dessert to be like for kids...'too full' to finish their main course but stunning recovery when it comes to dessert. Not that we have dessert except for special occasions but you get what I mean. It's magic whatever it is. 
And why two scooters you ask? Well, one might be for a friend, or if I am lucky, for me. In Wellington we saw plenty of adults scooting their way to work. My favourites were the dude who had bungy corded his briefcase to the handlebars and the woman in the full skirted long vintage dress. It was so windy that her skirts were whipping all around and you couldn't see the scooter at all, she was just hovering, covering the ground super fast. 

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