Monday, December 21, 2015

And the winner is...

Heartfelt thanks for all your comments about your holiday traditions. I had a lovely time reading them all and replying. I sorted through the double ups and facebook entries for the Big GrowMama Holiday Giveaway. I numbered all your entries and ran them through a list randomizer on and WE HAVE A WINNER! 

Katha left this message: 

My boys really love wrapping Christmas presents in recycled paper (usually one of the kids' drawings from the previous year, interesting looking magazine article pictures I have collected or other colourful images from tea or cereal cardboard packaging stuck onto recycled paper - we also use newspaper). This year we have collected different fabrics from op-shops and will make sure we get them back for wrapping presents next year at the extended family's secret santa event.
Other traditions include making Christmas biscuits, writing (i.e.drawing/ scribbling) on Christmas cards to friends and family, and making other home-made edible treats and cosmetic products (if I can find the time).

Katha wins the two stunning necklaces from Stephanie Grace Jewellery, a pair of Xmas print Thunderpants (the best undies in the WORLD), a pot of Lakoko Balm, the gorgeous boxes of cones to make natural crafts from The Tiny Tinker, a wooden sword and shield from the super talented Elves and the WoodBotherer and the 100 Acts of Sewing Dress No#1 pattern. Lucky! 

Unfortunately, Katha didn't leave an email address so I will post here and on the GrowMama facebook page and hopefully she will pop up in the next week. 

The two runner-ups will receive a pot of the beautiful Lakoko Balm. 
They are: Kerrie Bullock and Victoria Johnston. I have your email addresses so will be in touch. 

CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE and thanks so much for a wonderful year here on GrowMama. I look forward to sharing 2016 with you all. xx

(Back in the day I used to write people's names on a piece of paper and put them all in a hat and have my son draw the winner that way! Now GrowMama is all grown up I have a screen shot of the list randomizer results if anyone would like to see. Jed prefers the old way!)

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