Monday, December 14, 2015

Elves, Tinkers and Thunderpants

 I want to introduce you to the beautiful people who are offering products for the big Holiday GrowMama Giveaway that is running now. Some of you have emailed asking about ethical and unique Christmas gift ideas...wander around these folks websites and you will find the greatest of gifts. Three lovelies are featured below, and you'll meet the other three tomorrow!

Elves and the Woodbotherer

Woodbotherer is the creative couple Fil and Sam who make wooden toys and furniture from their home workshop in Auckland. I first met them through my sister who was living in the next door warehouse in North London back in the day. Fil had the contract to decorate Greenpeace's space at Glastonbury Festival that year, I remember long nights sewing seaweed! They are super lovely people and I was so glad when I bumped into Sam back here in NZ. 
Inspired by their two children, they make traditional toys for modern families that are fun, long lasting, safe and sustainable. They are offering this gorgeous sword and shield set in the big GrowMama holiday giveaway. You can enter HERE
Visit their store (HERE) or facebook page (HERE) to find out more.

The Tiny Tinker

Jeanette and her partner came up with The Tiny Tinker business as a way to engage their small daughter in their work. They collect natural materials from their organic farm and turn them into simple crafts or leave them naked so you can design your own. Jeanette and her family want to inspire other families to connect to nature and it's gifts. Opening one of their boxes of seed heads, cones, or pot pourri is just magical. We have two boxes of The Tiny Tinker cones in the big giveaway. You can enter HERE.
The Tiny Tinker website is over HERE.


Thunderpants. If you haven't tried them, you are in for a treat. Whether you are a high waisted fan or a hipster kind of a person, like boxers or briefs, these are the best undies our family have tried. They are made in NZ from organic cotton and come in a range of fabulous prints or solid colours. Thunderpants last for YEARS. Still holding their shape and doing what they should. Behind every good woman is a pair of thunderpants I reckon. Thunderpants are offering a pair of their Xmas tree print undies in the big giveaway. Your choice of mens, womens or kids size. Enter the giveaway HERE
Thunderpants website is HERE

Now, go and enter that giveaway...there is a bunch of fabulousness to be won. Go on!

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  1. I love the work by Woodbotherer, I've bought some of their animals to give to little people I know. I love their new range of Dinosaurs, so cool!