Thursday, December 17, 2015


We had the last class and karate training of the year yesterday. Karate grading tomorrow then we're in holiday mode. It's been our busiest term yet. I strive for a simple life with lots of time in nature and pockets of juicy silence and space but this term...sheesh, this term has been a doozy for many reasons. Cue big sigh. I am not sure what next year looks like yet and am finding my peace with that. 
Whatever may come, between here and there, I am looking forward to good food (it's so hard to eat well while being busy don't you think?!), hanging out with friends, mkaing peppermint bark, swimming and just having time to finish a cup of tea and think a few thoughts all the way to their natural conclusions. Bliss! 

The Big GrowMama Holiday Giveaway closes at midnight tonight so go HERE and leave a comment to enter if you haven't already. Thanks to those who have, I am loving reading about all your holiday traditions. 
Big love to you all. xxx