Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Old Year New Year

Solstice fleeted past with barely a whoop or a whimper my end. Just too busy and gobsmacked at the butt end of a year that I had high hopes for and can’t wait to see the end of. Not to mince words. I mean, sure there was magic in the year, and hopefully I laughed as much as I cried, but really…it was the hardest year, topped by the hardest last few months of a year I’ve had in awhile. I know I am not the only one. 2015 was a tough one for many people. Looking back, I realised what an eternal optimist I am. I have lived long enough to know that there are years like that. ‘This too shall pass’ is SUCH a good mantra don’t you think?! See...I am saying about how it's been a hard year and I am all chipper about it. I tell you, optimist!

Holidays. For me it means time off from the homeschooling/term time classes, trainings and organised activities and a flop into days with NOTHING and No thing planned in them. My skin is all aglow from todays swimming and I am still salt encrusted. I am still working through and I need to hustle some more paid work for 2016 but more swimming will happen, and bushwalks, time with friends and eating mountains of summer fruit will all happen. Hopefully I get to write more stories, finish this book proposal, tackle a sewing project and make good on that gym membership I just took out. 

I custom made myself a visioning work book for the year and I am looking forward to sitting down with a cup of tea in the shade of a tree to work on that in the coming days. Finances only just stretched to buying the Leonie Dawson planner diary. Which is super duper fabulous but I could have wept when I saw the shipping costs. They were just as much as the product. Note to self: pay more attention BEFORE clicking the yes!

Happy New Year everyone. May it be an awesome one for us all. xxx