Monday, January 4, 2016


One of Jed's very best friends has gone gallivanting around Europe and Egypt for the entire summer break. Six weeks is a long time apart for friends who see each other so much. In a wonderful stroke of fate, his best buddy's mama has become one of my closest friends too. We made and delivered them a meal the night before they left. They had their hands full packing up their house truck. Then we waved them off the next morning. We were sad. We talked about it, made art about it, are excited about their adventures and of course, to their return.

We've been talking a lot about friends. What makes a good friend. How friends enrich our lives. How different friends bring out different aspects of us. How we can be better friends ourselves. How some friends can be totally different to you and how that's okay. How we don't have to be friends with everyone. How some people aren't good for us to spend too much time with, how to handle that with kindness and have it be okay too. Sheesh, it's good to have reminders as a grown up too!

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