Friday, January 29, 2016

Natural wasp sting treatment

Jed and I took our new neighbours along our bush track the other day and while in pursuit of some bamboo, I blundered into a wasps nest. There must have been hundreds of the dudes in there, they all came streaming out. We managed to get everybody clear and I tagged the neighbour whose property it was close to. Wasps attack his bees and he was happy to deal with them. I didn't ask details...the nest was metres from where next door's little guy hangs out. 
Anyway. That sting. Sheesh. I have never had a reaction like that. It was intense. Wasps stinging because you bother them flying around somewhere are one thing, but wasps angry because you be messin' with their digs is no joke. 
Jed and I headed for the medicine cabinet and got some green clay in the mortar and pestle. That calmed it and drew out any venom close to the surface as the clay dried. Then I made a poultice of plantain and had that on for the rest of the day. MUCH better!

PS: the bamboo was destined for a structure at Kiwiburn, NZ's version of Burning Man. You can read about it HERE. I think I might need to go next year. 

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